The Spark Life Collective
The Spark Life Collective

We're creating a collective of heart-led leaders focused on 5 bright goals:

Meaningful Work; Enriching Relationships; Courageous Creativity; Deep Well-Being; Lifelong Learning

About Us

Independent. Together.

"We may not have it all together,
but together we can have it all"

We are a professional development, lifestyle and personal growth oriented collective primarily made up of emerging facilitators, teachers, coaches, presenters, leaders and other visionary catalysts who are passionate about fully enjoying our lives while engaging in meaningful service to others.  

89% of us love travel, 93% of us love chocolate, 76% of us have a mindfulness practice, 67% of us dance in our underwear, and 1 guy only showers weekly. 
We still love him.

We're committed to igniting your life around five fundamentally rewarding and vitalizing goals:

You can likely imagine the delight and vitality experienced in manifesting these five goals and how it naturally spills over into bringing more success, fun, caring, and creative magic to the people you serve.  That said, these goals may sound a little lofty or too abstract. If so, click here to ground them in reality or better understand what we mean.

Is achieving those bold beautiful goals attractive and aligned with your own vision and values? If so, please consider joining us, we’d love to help you level up and to add your unique magic to our mix! Read on or choose a plan at the bottom of the page.

Why do so many people want to achieve these kinds of goals and yet barely move forward?

Trying to run your own business or professional practice can be extremely liberating, fulfilling and meaningful, yet it can also be discouraging, lonely, stressful and full of overwhelming challenges.

In addition, as a change agent you've likely found that it can be tricky to practice what you preach regarding living a robust, balanced and fulfilling life.  (If so, don't worry, it's way more common than you might think!)

We believe that there are three primary challenges usually responsible for a lack of life and business momentum.  We've built the Spark Life collective as a solution to each of them. You may find that you relate to 1 or all 3...

  1. You've been trying to do things primarily by yourself, yet humans have evolved as incredibly social creatures. This is unfortunately because there is so much support available to enter or create!
  2. You're missing a structure of support, a regular rhythm of reliable opportunities for working, learning & enjoying your creative potential. 
  3. You've become disconnected from your deepest WHYs, the intrinsic motivation and vision(s) that make life and work worthwhile.

While nobody ever feels a 100% daily life-satisfaction, and sometimes life can be extremely challenging and disappointing, it is essential (and feels awesome) to be part of a caring community where you can receive (and give) support regarding staying resilient, aligned and activated in moving towards your most ideal life.   It is equally essential to have a structure of supportive opportunities -classes, coaching, co-working, creative content, celebrations and more -to help keep you actively moving forward towards your dreams.

That's what this Spark Life collective is all about! 

So, how can we help
multiply your magic?

We all need a spark to help energize and elevate us.

Thankfully, every human is wonderfully unique.  Some of our members have a very specific interest and need. They focus their involvement on one of our five big goals and it's related opportunities (though their focus may change seasonally.) Others have the time, interest and energy to involve themselves in as much as possible. Other members are nibblers, popping in for inspiration, support, connection and guidance sporadically as needed and as inspiration leads them.  

So, what exactly are we serving up?

Spark Life is full of many amazing opportunities -live learning events, online discussion groups, creative facilitation practice sessions, creativity jams, coworking sessions, coaching groups and more.  In order to serve each member best, we've created three customized plans.

You can checkout a full benefits comparison table here or read a summary of the primary differences below. Click each title to see the full plan details.

  • the 'epic life' personal growth plan adds in live events related to personal / creative growth such as an ongoing live book study, a monthly open-mic, creativity coworking and more.
  • the 'visionary catalysts' professional development plan includes all of the above and adds in many more opportunities for supporting your professional growth such as drop-in coaching hours, coworking times, creative facilitation practice sessions, a private leadership circle, relevant book studies and much more. 
  • We also offer plans that are limited to a specific Spark course 
    (i.e. our 'playformation' applied improvisation class and personal growth book group & professional development book groups.)

You can also checkout a sample monthly calendar of our live event offerings, color coded by plan type.

Why Else Join Us?

Spark Life is a safe space to be brave. We're focused on facilitating courageous, caring conversations, sharing powerful resources and providing transformational learning journeys.
We don't believe in merely downloading information to brains. We believe in playformation -the transforming power of creative, playful, experiential learning.

Part of my mission in building this collective is to meet a diverse set of needs so that members don't need to go out and join and then track a dozen different online communities -what a headache!  We're here to Spark Life personally and professionally -that's what those 5 goals are about.

You can know this is a good fit if...

  1. You're aligned with the 5 big goals envisioned above.
  2. You're ready to take your personal and/or professional growth to a new level.
  3. You want to help this world become a more beautiful, loving, fair, creative, fun, healthy, or inspiring place for people to live.
  4. You want to become more conscious (intentional, purposeful) creative, impactful, and skillful in your service.
  5. You've checked out the membership benefits above and at least a few of them look like they would enrich your personal and/or professional life.

...if so, you're a perfect fit and we'd love to have you join us.  Checkout our basic, personal or professional plans. Questions? Feel free to text me 206-428-7626 with a question or set up a call with me (Leif Hansen) first.

Do you find yourself frequently distracted?

Getting away from the big corporate social media sites, which are becoming more and more commercialized, cluttered, divisive and manipulative, is a wise move for a more focused, productive life, as well as for a more soulful relationship to technology.  Why not spend your time with a group of like-minded, creative, caring professionals using a platform structured around topics and events designed to multiply your magic instead?

Lastly, if you're familiar with me or with any of Spark Interaction’s services, you’ll know that I always strives to keep things authentic, engaging, effective, creative, fun, meaningful and full of love. You can expect that same spirit in this community.

A Big Thanks

Thank you for taking the time to read this far and for considering what we consider an amazing opportunity.  We understand that it might not feel like a good fit, or the right timing. Either way, for whatever magic you are currently offering this world -whether it’s bright, loud and seen by many or it's humbly shared behind the scenes, nurturing the intimate roots of of few broken and beloved ones -may you be supported and prosper towards your deepest dreams.

From Love,

Leif H. Hansen
Founder, Spark
(Text or Call)

Leif Hansen, founder of Spark Interaction, has been an international speaker, team trainer, teacher and coach, supporting professionals in a variety of leadership topics for over two decades. He most enjoys working with heart-led humans and mission-minded teams, helping them to envision and play forward bold, beautiful and globally beneficial futures.
His highly interactive and often playful events have been experienced by tens of thousands of participants, as well as featured on national media such as NBC’s Today Show and PBS MediaShift. His work has also taken him into engaging interviews with international thought leaders such as Daniel Pink, Timothy Ferris, Seth Godin, Van Jones, Guy Kawasaki, Michelle Goodman, Robert Kiyosaki and more.

Leif's LinkedIn Profile

You’re most likely reading this page because I know you personally and believed that our five goals would resonate with you. Or perhaps you found your way here through another member? However you arrived here, if we don’t know each other, and you're interested in joining but want to establish some trust first,  I totally get it.  Feel free to text me a question at 206-428-7626 or schedule a short mutual interview to see if we're a good fit!

A Note on Making this Investment in Yourself. 

Investing in your growth is totally worth the $79-$149 a month that this will cost you, especially when you consider how it will help you earn that money back and more.  That said, if you are going through financially challenging times, please contact me to learn about financial assistance options. 

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